Why Silver City Mountain Resort Is Good For Your Health (Part Two)

Posted on August 24, 2018 in


Why Silver City Mountain Resort Is Good For Your Health (Part Two)


Nature is needed! In part one, we explored a couple of health benefits that come from being outdoors including lowering stress hormones, getting a good dose of vitamin D, regulating your sleep patterns, unplugging, and giving your brain a chance to rest! Being in nature has amazing benefits, and the list continues!  


Have you had a chance to see the sequoias? If you haven’t, they’re absolutely breathtaking. Sequoias line Silver City Mountain Resort and sit within Sequoia National Park. At Silver City Mountain Resort, the outdoors are no longer a luxury, it will simply encompass everything you do. Come here to celebrate love for a romantic getaway, or plan the ultimate sequoia vacation and surround yourself with the wise, old giants.


Even More Reasons To Get Out Into Nature


Nature is healing. It’s stress-reducing, yet many of us forsake it in the name of being over productive and falling at the beckoning will of clients and emails that will never cease. Nature is the antidote to the office, so however you will, get out and get into nature.


Nature calms your mind - If you’re struggling with worriment or anxiety from work or your personal life, nature allows you to center your thoughts and focus on the present — not what you need to get done later in the day or a week from now. Finding your center in nature relaxes your body and mind, so you can go back and handle life with more harmony and sincerity.


Nature supports a healthy blood pressure level - When you’re indoors, not only are you breathing closed-air, you’re not getting fresh, clean air. When you’re not getting proper oxygen circulation — which natures so gladly imparts —  this alone can raise your blood pressure and heart rate, not to mention all the other nonsense stress that also affects these. Being amidst fresh California timber gives you more oxygen to combat that in which the indoors do not.


Nature moves your body - Nature increases the levels of oxygen in your body, which is tied to many different functions. Proper levels of oxygen in your brain directly affect your serotonin levels which impact your mood, memory, appetite, and social behaviors among many other things. When you have too much or too little serotonin you become unbalanced — to regulate this, being in nature and breathing fresh air supports this and only helps to promote a sense of well-being. Why is fresh, clean air so beneficial? Air in Silver City is a negative ion-rich oxygen, is air that has a calming effect on our bodies. For example, in a populated city the negative ion count is below 100 per cubic centimeter, while a forest can boast a negative ion count of 100,000 per cubic centimeter. This charming oxygen molecules synthesize alpha brain waves which help to give you a sunny yet serene feeling.


Nature gets you out and active - This is one of the more commonly praised benefit of nature, but when you get active through hiking or biking in the great outdoors, it boosts your endorphins, which are the “happy” or feel good” neurotransmitters. Endorphins are what people experience during a runner’s high, which help you feel over-the-moon, yet relaxed.


Nature has the positive bugs - Not only is the air beneficial, but the unsullied soil provides us with health benefits. Mycobacterium vaccae found in the soil, can perform as a natural antidepressant by speeding the metabolism of serotonin and guide the brain in controlling your overall mood. This bacteria can also support the immune system and decrease inflammation in your body. So, the next time your in nature, shed your shoes and dig your toes into the soil. This brings “long walks on the beach” or long walks in the woods to a whole new level!


People are willing to shell out a good amount of money for health and wellness as seen in the boom in the health food market, but is it because we’re drifting too far from nature? Our innate nature wants to soak it all in, but our daily lives sequester this need. If you’re sipping a green juice while reading this blog on a quick, too quick, break from work, you need to get out!


Embrace the what nature naturally and unselfishly gives. Walk with the sequoias and book with Silver City Mountain Resort today!