Welcome To Silver City Mountain Resort

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Welcome To Silver City Mountain Resort


Whether you’re looking for a vacation getaway or a staycation, Silver City Mountain Resort is a secret paradise scattered among the Sequoia timber. People come here to celebrate love, seek the wisdom of the wilderness, and unplug from a stressful environment.


At Silver City Mountain Resort, you can unwind and just be — whatever that looks like to you. Seek adventure or seek peace, in either place we’re here to make your stay feel like a secret paradise.


The Highlights of Silver City Mountain Resort


Are there moments that take you away? Greeting the dawn in its most graceful light where it hits a field so perfectly and illuminates each blade of grass, or a sunset over the mountains that breathes life back into your bones. These moments. These are the moments that you’ll find at Silver City Mountain Resort.


About the Sequoia-Filled Property   


Silver City, like many California towns, was a mining community during the gold rush is the late 1800s. When you stroll the grounds or take a quick bike ride around the town, you’ll explore the old, wise giants (sequoias) and see the land home to Yokut tribe sprinkled with cabins that are still inhabited by miner-descendants of generations past. This piece of paradise sits at Sequoia National Park famous to Mineral King.


When you stay with us, our grounds bear mother nature’s best features: thick dense woodlands, intimate cabins, decks to relax and unwind on while watching for hummingbirds, and weather that you can’t find anywhere else.


About Our One-Of-A-Kind Staff


It’s difficult to find a place these days with standards, through and through. At Silver City Mountain Resort, our staff offers ginuwine care and a passion for the great outdoors. People serendipitously trickle in each summer from all over the country and make the trek to spend this season adventuring and working in the mountains. We grow into a tight-knit family that loves to share in community and we want to offer that to each individual, couple, groups of friends, and families that cross our tiny slice bliss.


About Our Lodging


If you love the idea of rustic luxury, that’s exactly what we offer at Silver City Mountain Resort! So pack your favorite Patagonia piece and get ready to wrap yourself in the finest of Pendleton's wool blankets to enjoy a outdoor bonfire or sitting cabin side drinking your favorite summer red.  

For a perfect romantic getaway, book the Franklin Pass or Hockett Meadow cabin. Both feature a giant soaking tub and walk-in shower and a cozy fireplace. The ambiance oozes romance and is a perfect place to celebrate.


If you’re planning on a family vacation, the Shooting Star, Sawtooth, and Paradise Ridge cabins are the perfect place to settle. If you have a group of friends or need larger accommodations, Florence Peak and White Chief will fit the bill. Both cabins have immaculate grounds with a balcony and courtyard to enjoy every ounce of Silver City. Reconnect over an outdoor fire, stoked with laughter and nostalgia.  


About Our Packages and Events


If you’re looking for something a little uncommon or something that strays from tradition, a package from Silver City Mountain Resort provides rare adventure nestled deep in nature.


Enjoy and explore some of our packages:


High Sierra Romance Package

Sequoia Family Adventure Package

Fly Fishing Package


We also host weddings and corporate retreats.


Are you ready to book yet?


Silver City Mountain Resort is incomparable and you won’t find another experience anywhere else. Find your moment here — stand with the sequoias, meet our exceptional staff, stay in rustic luxury, or book a package. Leave convention behind and embrace peace and adventure today!


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