Even if You’re Not a Local, You Can Eat Like One!

The restaurant industry is booming with a plethora of restaurants for people to choose from, and people are starting to become more discerning with their food preferences — because let’s face it — chain restaurants whose food comes from a bag and is less than fresh, isn’t nearly as delicious.  

Have you ever noticed that when you eat locally grown produce, it just tastes better? There is a lot to be said for eating the local fare, and dining with us at Silver City Restaurant is no different. If you’re looking for a dining experience where you can kick back and relax while watching the sunset with some of our famous pie, we do just this and more. 

Imagine the giant Sequoias whispering their age-old secrets to you, while you eat food that has been thoughtfully grown and crafted in the valley and gives your palate an enlightened experience you’ll never forget! This is Silver City Restaurant.


Why dine at Silver City Restaurant?

Silver City Restaurant procures local ingredients to share the California charisma with the paths and journeys that lead people to our property, so even if you’re not a Silver City local, you can eat like one!

Artboard 1.jpgSilver City Restaurant’s local fare is abundant with flavor.

When ingredients are harvested and sent to grocery stores around the country, they’re often picked at inopportune times. When food is grown locally, it is culled at its peak of juicy ripeness rendering it with optimal flavor. Many times the produce used from a local farmer was picked within 24 hours of its consumption! 

The local food at Silver City has more nutrients.

Because the local foods have a shorter distance to travel, they’re picked at their height of ripeness, which also happens to be when they contain the most amount of nutrients. When produce is flown all over the country, is was likely picked early, and exposed to extreme temperatures in transit that rapidly decline the nutrients in produce. 

Using local California products helps sustain their economy. 

When the money is spent within the community on local food and products keeps the growers close to the area, and the money is then reallocated back into the local businesses — this creates a sustainable economy for all who live in the area!

Choosing to source locally is favorable to the environment and helps to protect the Sequoia Valley.

When locally sourced ingredients are used, it reduces the carbon footprint that is made when they have to be shipped around the country — and sometimes exported around the globe! Local food also allows farmers to use and work the land, which enriches the soil and produces better crops each season.

Artboard 3.jpgLocal products are healthier.

The more steps involved in the food supply, create more of a chance for your food to become contaminated. Local food travels less, and therefore as less of a chance for food borne illnesses to occur. 

The people who grow your food can tell you all about it.

If where your food comes from is important to you — and it should be — you can talk with the farmer and find out exactly how it was cultivated. This was you know what it ate or what farming practices were used.

There are countless reasons why you should dine with Silver City Restaurant, but one of the most prominent is our transparency to source and use local ingredients and products. 

Enjoy our featured local products when you share a meal with us and walk away feeling a little bit more like a Californian!



Special Diet? Silver City Restaurant Has Options For You!


Artboard 2.jpgAsk around any restaurant filled with people and you’ll find they all have different food preferences -- some are gluten free, paleo, keto, or vegan, while others simply are happy with a cheeseburger and a local brew -- no matter what preferences you bring with you, you’ll never have to sacrifice on flavor or food accommodations at Silver City Restaurant!   


When you stay at Silver City Mountain Resort, you’re not only getting the best rustic getaway California has to offer, you’ll experience food that will bring you back year after year because you can’t find anything like it! Silver City Mountain Resort and Silver City Restaurant are an amalgamation of the finest things in life -- relaxation and delicious dining!


We understand that living a healthy lifestyle often begins with the food you eat, so we offer options that can accommodate almost every diet!


Gluten Free Options at Silver City Restaurant




Enjoy a myriad of gluten-free options at lunch or dinner with our following offerings:


Bleu Cheese Pecan Salad - Who said a salad can’t be a little indulgent? Salads, after all, skirt the world between healthy and flexible flavors! This salad brims with layers of spinach, marinated chicken, pecans, bleu cheese, dried cranberries and is finished with a light drizzle of balsamic. This salad won’t weigh you down and leave you feeling spunky enough to run a couple miles into sequoia territory!


Grizzly Burger - Order the Grizzly Burger sans the bun and you have a grizzly burger salad! This half-pound delight of local Harris Ranch Beef is topped with bacon, avocado, tomato, and a blend of goat and Monterey jack cheeses! Suitable after a long day of hiking or for those with a big appetite!


Paleo and Keto Options at Silver City Restaurant



Artboard 5.jpg

BLAT - This is a traditional BLT sandwich that adds avocado, because really, avocado should be added to everything! Quickly make this paleo and keto friendly by ditching the toast and having it wrapped instead in lettuce. Depending on how strict you’re being, leave off the mayo and ask for extra avocado!


High Altitude Salad - Again, salads are so delicious and indulgent -- they just get a bad wrap for being strictly healthy! They’re healthy but offer an abundance of flavor! Get you Pavlov’s dog on, and start drooling over spinach greens layered with apples, avocado, and a honey balsamic and olive oil dressing! Keep the goat cheese or leave it, add more protein with a marinated chicken breast, or more fat with a sprinkle of pecans!


Vegan Options at Silver City Restaurant




Build Your Own Salad - Ask the restaurant about their local produce and what they have in for the season and craft a salad exactly to your specifications!


Bleu Cheese Pecan Salad - We know, the name doesn’t suggest vegan, but we’re all about making substitutions and accommodations! Order the salad and ask for no cheese or chicken and extra seasonal veggies and pecans.


High Altitude Salad - For this salad, simply sub the honey balsamic dressing for just olive oil and/or a traditional balsamic, add nuts and seasonal veggies and your salad rivals that of anything else on the menu!



Slow Your Roll: Dine at The Silver City Restaurant


Silver City is a magical place where you can readily converse with the wise, old sequoias and create space to hit the pause button and relish in every laugh with loved ones and savor every bite of food. It is the place where you bathe in the nighttime constellations and soak in the splendor of mother nature.



This is living intentionally and slowly.



Come bask in the mountainscapes and giant sequoias that inhabit Silver City Resort and master the art of slowing down — from our cabins nestled in the timber to our restaurant that features the best in locally grown California food. Be discerning about how you choose to spend your time and money — live with purpose, if only for the weekend, with Silver City Resort.


Artboard 4.jpgSlow Down and Chew Each Bite!


Modern times has allowed for innovation to save us time — we now have the time to do more, so our lives are jam-packed and hectic as ever. But, life is too short and too delicious to not enjoy it, so let’s navigate together the edges of a slower-paced life, one bite at a time!


Can you remember the last time you prepared a meal and sat down with your loved ones and just enjoyed that moment? Dinner time was an event in decades past where you were even reminded to slow down and chew each bite.


When you dine in the Silver City restaurant you’re given this moment, this experience back. To live deliberately and take in the company you keep. We’ll do the cooking and whip up pure enchantment with a comforting nostalgia, while you pause and live more slowly.


Slowing down: How Do You Do It?


Slowing down may not be innate as the hustle and bustle can be encompassing, so we’ll give you some thoughtful tips to engage when you’re dining with us!


Artboard 6.jpgLess is more.


By now, this is conventional wisdom but it often takes practice to do less. Doing less is a conscious choice amidst the million and one things you have on your plate. So stop here. Stop now. Be present and focus on your company and enjoy the food!


Disconnect, the right way.


Put away (or don’t even pack) all of your electronic devices. When we’re constantly connected to our email or phone, this causes more disruptions in our day, and we’re constantly anxious about the incoming information and at the demand of others. Take your power back. Create boundaries, and for the love of the sequoias, UNPLUG!   


Focus on Your People.


We are surrounded by friends, co-workers, and loved ones all day, yet we’re not really with them. How many of your conversations are disrupted by a text or social media surfing? We listen and hear the sounds, but there is no meaningful connection. When you share a meal with us, talk with your tribe and bespeak conversation that matter.


Enjoy your food.


Too many times we are eating lunch at our desks or standing up, trying to cram it all down in a couple of minutes. Quality food, food with substance, is delicious. Take the time and savor each bite — note the flavor and texture combination.



Abandon the busy and embrace the leisure at Silver City restaurant!