Why Silver City Mountain Resort Is Good For Your Health (Part One)

Posted on August 24, 2018 in

Why Silver City Mountain Resort Is Good For Your Health (Part One)


There is a reason you sought out our little place among the sequoias. Perhaps it was the romance package that enticed you, or maybe you need to getaway to unplug and reconnect with nature. There is always something about forest bathing and being outdoors that speaks to our higher selves and helps reconnect us to that part that gets lost or driven down when life gets hectic and stressful.


At Silver City Mountain Resort, we want to show you how our hideaway is good for your health. Between hiking Mineral Springs or a solitude fly fishing outing, we have a place you can unwind after a day spent in nature. Continue your breath of fresh air by sitting fireside or stargazing from your deck. Join us in a musing about why spending time in nature is good for your health!


The Case For Nature


In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it can get pretty stressful. You have the high demands and expectations of your career and surmounting things in your personal life — if we don’t pause and take a moment and restore our energy, we can get overwhelmed. This is where nature comes in, and there is scientific proof to back it up!


It’s innate that we feel better after a hike or bike ride in nature, but in a recent study published in the Journal PLOS One, there was a five month evaluation that looked at people “doing something wild” everyday for 30 days straight. The participants were asked beforehand and afterwards what their connection to nature was and how and if it was tied to their health and happiness. The conclusion showed that there was a significant incline in the participant’s health and happiness during the challenge and even in the following months.


There are even more specific benefits to being outdoors and they include:


A healthy dose of vitamin D - Sure, you can eat fish for vitamin D, but vitamin D is not called the sunshine vitamin by mistake. We absorb a good amount of vitamin D when in nature and it is so good for your health. Vitamin D supports calcium absorption, bone health, and mood concerns. It’s also great for relaxing your blood vessels, helping to lower blood pressure levels, which we can get if we’re highly stressed all the time.


It lowers stress-producing hormones - Nature has been shown to reduce the effects of stress when compared to other leisure activities. Not only are you in a better mood, but cortisol levels dramatically decrease.


Natural light regulates your circadian rhythm - If you have sleep issues, it may be because you sit in an office too much, exposed to artificial lighting. Sunlight supports your body’s melatonin production, thus controlling your internal clock and affecting your sleep. Get outside for better sleep!


You are forced to unplug - When you get out and into nature, phone reception and wifi don’t flow as abundantly as it does in the city! When you come to Silver City Mountain Resort, you have to unplug, which people helps with stress levels. If you find your heart rate increasing when you load your emails on your phone and see the number rise — you need to unplug, and fast!


Your brain can recharge - Recharging your brain may seem like something we made up, however, it’s a real thing. If your brain doesn’t get a chance to rest and relax — as your body does — it can’t settle into what scientists deem the “default mode network,” where people experience daydreaming and a highly creative zone. Nature naturally helps people relax and forget what’s happening at work or in their personal life because you’re focusing on the wildlife or the gentle breeze.


Get Into Nature At Silver City Mountain Resort


Silver City Mountain Resort is the ideal location to reconnect and reap the benefits of mother nature. It can be as simple as booking a weekend for a staycation, or packing up the car and driving west for a family vacation. Here, you’ll have the chance to relax with a glass of wine from a local winery as you take in the old, sage sequoias or hike Sequoia National Park.


There are even more benefits from nature, so stay tuned for part two!


Ditch the stress and unwind with nature! Book with Silver City Mountain Resort today!