The Top Questions To Ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking

Posted on November 13, 2018 in

Planning a wedding? Ensure the venue is a perfect fit for both sides.



Finding a space to celebrate and share vows is one of the first things to tackle when you are planning a wedding, and though you are ultimately looking for a wedding venue that is beautiful and one that only enhances the event, there are questions to ask before booking.


Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect backdrop to a love in motion — celebrate and affirm your union among the oldest and wisest sequoias apart from the common. Join us in today’s post as we navigate important questions to ask the wedding venue before booking.



Ask These Questions Before Booking Your Wedding Venue



There are many things beyond just the setting of the venue (but that is the most fun) — it’s important to know what the venue can provide and how they can support you on your big day.  


Before signing the contract, ask these questions…


Is the venue available?


Obviously, you wouldn’t sign a contract if it wasn’t available but if you are holding out for a specific day, stick to what you want and ensure that it is available. If you are more flexible with a date, this will be less of an issue.


How much does it cost?


This can become convoluted quickly because most places don’t just have an all-inclusive price — they may offer packages or charge a rental fee for the actual venue and then tack on amenities in an ala carte fashion. Ensure you understand exactly what is included, so there are not any major financial surprises later.


How many people can it accommodate?


This is important if you are looking to host a larger wedding, so it is crucial to ask about their maximum capacity. If they are firm, you may want to consider trimming the guest list or looking for a location that can accommodate a larger crowd.


Where is the location?


If you have guests arriving from out of town, sometimes it’s easier to plan and host a wedding at a convenient location. Silver City Mountain Lodge is unique in that once you get to our location, everything is provided and available to you for the rest of your stay.  


What are the aesthetics of the location?


It’s important that you like what the venue looks like, after all, this is where your pictures will be taken — and pictures last forever! So, if you are not an outdoorsy person, getting married on top of a mountain may not be what you’re looking for! Think about your style and if you can picture yourself in that place, if you are excited and happy in it, it’s probably for you!


How much will you have to decorate?


Some venues have ornate architectural details while others are four walls that need to be transformed — consider this when you’re deciding on a wedding venue. Decorating a venue can become very time intensive and expensive, so if you’d rather not decorate, choose one where you don’t have to! At Silver City Mountain Resort, the clear sky light the ceremony and the sequoias serve as witnesses! The landscape here needs no decoration — the background is truly picturesque.


Silver City Mountain Resort wants to feature your wedding ceremony. We are here to help bring your vision to fruition.



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