Silver City Mountain Resort: An Epic Wedding Location

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A Wedding venue for the wild!



Soon-to-be brides and grooms looking for the ultimate wedding venue find the uncommonly beautiful sequoias and clear night skies captivating. Silver City is nestled among California woodlands and offers breathtaking views and a space to celebrate.


Perhaps you are planning a wedding in the upcoming spring, summer, or fall season. If you want to do something different and give your loved ones an experience to remember, hosting a wedding at Silver City Mountain Resort is a way to do just that. Marinate in today’s post about the many reasons a wedding at Silver City Mountain Resort is like no other.



Weddings at Silver City Mountain Resort



From the ruling Sequoia timber to the rustic allure of the beautifully selected cabins — the amalgamation of the wild paired with the spirit of a wedding celebration makes Silver City Mountain Resort the ideal setting for this memorable event.


Silver City can accommodate both small and large wedding parties.  


Perhaps an elopement is more your cup of tea and you like to keep things intimate with a few friends, we have cabins that will accommodate you. Or, if you are wanting a larger wedding, we can also cater to that. You’ll find a resort of cabins that can all be booked for your celebration.


No matter the size of your occasion, the staff at Silver City Mountain Resort is exceptional at what they do and will not only meet you with a smile, but they’ll approach your event with detail and expertise — only adding to the experience.


Our property is tucked within the Sierra Nevada mountain range, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no loud traffic or tour buses combing the roads — here you get to connect with the grandeur in its purest and rawest form.


Meander through the sequoias or find the creek that runs through our property. At night stargaze while being warmed by the fire and a glass of a local California red — the heartbeat of the wild is here and ready to celebrate with you!  


Silver City Mountain Resort has the food!


Beyond the vows and busting a move on the dance floor, is arguably the most important part of the wedding — the food! Our highly regarded and raved about kitchen offers local California fare that is equally creative, yet comforting. Our chefs work with a network of local ranches and farms to bring the best fresh and organic offerings that delight your taste buds in a healthy cuisine.

Whether you are looking for a wedding barbeque or a plated dinner for your guests, our staff is here to achieve the perfect cuisine you are looking for.    


Silver City Resort is the decorations!


When you book a wedding at Silver City Resort, the backdrop is alpine lakes, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and a grove of trees — no decorations required. This picturesque landscape is all you will need! Pair the great outdoors with your loved ones and you have the best venue to celebrate in!


Silver City Mountain Resort is off the beaten path, it’s the wonderland of the wild and breathtaking landscape of California.



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