The Top 4 Advantages of Solo Travel (Part One)

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Modern adventurers have ventured from traditional travel and into solo trips — we’re here to highlight the advantages of going it stag.



Individual activities and solo travel may not be on the docket for most, but like most things, once you give it a shot it cultivates something new and exciting. Solo trips are not things to be feared — in the solitary moments, you can relish in the time just for yourself.


Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect place to adventure alone — it’s a bustling space where people from all over the country and world come to wind down and enjoy a clear, starry night. Join us in today’s post as we feature the top advantages of traveling alone.



Freedom in the Unknown - SoloTravel at its Finest



If you’ve always wanted to travel to a certain part of the world or want to just get up and go, you can’t on everyone else to be on the same page or willing to leave at the drop of a dime. Adventure on your own and do and see the things that will fill your cup.



Solo travel advantage #1: It’s all about you!



If your daily life is packed with stimulation and the comings and goings of people and emails, a solo trek can be all about you. You can go at your own pace, so if you like to power up a hike in the Sequoias or spend hours on a SUP on a pristine alpine lake, you can go ahead and do so.   



Solo travel advantage #2: You’ll be awesome people.



If at any point in your adventure you want a little more company, there is always the opportunity to meet new people. When you travel within a group or with another person, you have the tendency to stick together and not wander — when you’re solo, you’re more likely to reach out and chat with the locals or be more intentional about finding people to spend time with.



Solo travel advantage #3: You’ll have the time you need to be with yourself.



Our busy culture is all about the hustle that it really does a disservice to us as individuals. As we’re depleting our energy for what, climbing the corporate ladder to benefit someone else, our very basic needs are being ignored. Taking a trip sans all of this allows us to reconnect to ourselves and focus on what really matters.  



Solo travel advantage #4: The guilt is gone.



Oftentimes we feel guilty for wanting to slow down and take rest, because our culture doesn’t embrace the pause. So, when you travel solo, you can sleep and nap all you want without feeling guilty or unproductive. Go ahead, spend all day in your room or take a nap at 10 am — this is your time!


Traveling solo is no longer something to be feared or dreaded — you are completely empowered to do whatever you want to do, and if that scares you, maybe a solo trip is exactly what you need!


This post can’t be solo, so stay tuned for part two.  



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