Even More Advantages of Solo Travel (Part Two)

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Relish in everything new and get to know the unknown and uncertain in solo travel!



In part one, we ventured into four advantages of solo travel. Many times we depend on others to travel with us, that we often forego fun adventures because we can’t find others to join us. Solo travel is ignored because people have a limiting belief that it would be boring, unsafe, or lonely. But as we’ve navigated this topic, we’ve uncovered that it’s not that at all.


Is a cloudless starry night filled with the sounds of nature, and not traffic or construction noises, beckoning to you? Do you need to slow down and rest? Lay your bones down and take pause at Silver City Mountain Resort. Learn even more advantages of solo travel in part two of this series.



Keep Adventuring — Solo



Solo trips ignite self-discovery, self-care, and guilt-free indulgence. Below are even more advantages to adventuring solo.



Solo travel advantage #5: You get uncomfortable.



People have a difficult time being out of their comfort zone, but this is where the growth happens. When you’re on an adventure with other people you can solve problems and work through issues together, or someone usually takes charge and begins to make the decisions. Whether you’re the decision maker or the decision taker, both situations are stressful. When you’re by yourself, you have to rely solely on you — and this teaches you resiliency and solves any self-limiting beliefs that you can’t do the tough stuff. So, go ahead and get uncomfortable!



Solo travel advantage #6: You stress levels will be minimal.



When you travel with others, you’re likely to fall into similar routines and personality dynamics which are not only unhealthy but if you’re traveling for any length of time, it can grind your gears. The only drama you’ll experience on a solo trip is the drama you make. So while situations may be a little more stressful because the weight falls on you, you also avoid the stress and anxiety of others.  



Solo travel advantage #7: Your creativity levels will spark.



If you’ve hit a creative slump because of your job or the busyness of your everyday life, solo travel is an instant way to spark your creativity. Not only do you have all the time to yourself to work on projects, but you also have time to dream — to conjure. Tap into these wells of inspiration and be guided by your newly found creativity.



Solo travel advantage #8: You’ll learn resiliency.



As adults, we grow into partnerships and relationships that get comfortable — we fall into a routine and a support system that is on autopilot. As a result, we don’t know what we’re capable of and what we can navigate when things become uncomfortable. Foster resiliency by planning a solo trip and cast an avenue of solitude directly into the unknown and learn exactly what you’re capable of.


Solo travel will cultivate a new and undiscovered reserve in you and you’ll get to see some pretty incredible places while doing it!



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