Road Trippin’ Like The Best! (Part Two)

Posted on July 17, 2019 in

Road Trippin Like the Best 2.jpgRoad trips are the highlight of the summer, even as adults! Journey to weird and unexpected places, with your final destination being Silver City Mountain Resort! 



In part one, we began looking at the magnificence of road trips and how they always trump flying. You’re able to ditch your type-A tendencies and let the road take you! Join us in today’s post as we entice you, even more, to take a road trip to Silver City Mountain Resort this summer!



Follow These Road Trippin’ Tips...



Create A Theme


There are so many roadside attractions to see that it could easily derail you from your destination but in the most glorious way! Instead of venturing further off the beaten path, create a theme of attractions to visit. It could be anything from the world’s largest everything or UFO attractions. Either way, when there is one, there is typically many more waiting to come out of the road trip woodwork. 


Follow A Physical Map


Paper maps are real young ones, they’re not just a myth! Invest in a paper atlas and get lost in your road trip possibilities. And while Google Maps may be great for directions, it’s a good buzzkill to the road trip of your dreams. Ditch the technology and be old-timey — you know, like those in the 80s and 90s! 


Track your progress with a highlighter and sharpie and make fun notes along the way — your map is the perfect souvenir.  


Pay attention to where the gas is. intext 2 - road trippin.jpg


There are a lot of open stretches on America’s highways and if you don’t pay attention you could miss out on your one last gas stop for a long while, so you’ll want to pay attention or consider the old hitch hikin’ with an empty gas can! 


This is where Google Maps or a gas app may come in handy — so you can know exactly where, how far, and how frequent the next gas station is. Believe us when we say, you don’t want to be stuck in the heat of summer in the middle of a California desert and run out of gas. 


Not only will you write your own Dateline story, but it may be a hot minute before someone passes and actually wants to pull over, because of course, they might think you’re the questionable one!


So, always stop and get gas on the long stretches, even if you have half a tank, it saves a lot of stress and anxiety along the way. 


But have no fear and don't sweat the small stuff, the drive to Silver City, CA is beautiful and there are plenty of nice, clean gas stations along the way!


Make peace with gas stations. 


While you're roaming wide-open spaces, it’s important to remember that you’ll run the gamut of what gas stations will look like, so, always pack extra hand sanitizer and wipes for the extra grimy places!


Prepping and planning a little before you hit the road is always a good idea, especially when it comes to using a physical map and knowing where the gas stations are. Don’t kill the trip by being careless!



Are you ready to explore some of the strangest stops that ooze Americana this summer? Map out your route and make Silver City Mountain Resort your destination on your next road trip vacation!