How To Beat The Heat Wave Outdoors

Posted on August 14, 2019 in

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Silver City can climb in temperatures in the summer, but you can still have a blast outdoors enjoying the activities you love!

Don’t let the scorching summer temperatures dampen your outdoor adventures in Silver City! Whether you love hiking, mountain biking, running, or a casual stroll through downtown Silver City, it’s important to protect yourself and know the common risks when temperatures peak. 


Silver City Mountain Resort boasts the best in weekend getaways, weddings, and family vacations because it’s a destination that something for everyone! If you’ve booked a summer vacation, take a moment with us and learn more about summer heat safety. 



Summer Safety At Silver City Mountain Resort

Silver City Mountain Resorts has the outdoor adventures for you! This is a place to get to know the Sequoias and explore the beautiful terrain this region of California has to offer. While much of it can be spent under the shelter of the timber, you can also find yourself in hot weather in exposed areas where the heat is unrelentless. So, what can you do to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration? Let’s dive in below.



Stay Hydrated!

Drinking more water is always advised, especially if you’re in the heat and at a higher elevation than you’re used to. Whether you’re sweating a lot from activity or just exposed to the high outside temperatures, drink water! 


Your body has an internal air conditioner that is activated when you sweat to help keep you cool, but it’s the sweat that needs to be replenished with water.


Whenever you go on an outdoor adventure the rule of thumb is to always pack water with you, and more if you’ll be out for long periods or engaging in strenuous activity. 


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Plan Outdoor Adventures Early

If you’re wanting to get out in nature, do it early! The early morning is the best time to get out to beat the heat and avoid the woes of the scorching temperatures. The morning is cool and the temperatures don't put so much strain on your body and the best part is, you’re done by the hottest part of the day and then you can kick back and relax and enjoy a beer at Silver City Mountain Resort!



Wear Comfortable Clothing

The clothing you wear when you’re outdoors is vital — you don’t want to be stuck in long pants and a thick cotton t-shirt. Instead, you want clothing that is moisture-wicking, breathable, and cool. Avoiding dark-colored materials can also help because they attract sunlight, so instead shield the rays and opt for lighter colors. Shorts and a tank top are ideal, but just remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin!



Take Breaks

If you’re hiking, biking, or running in the breathtaking California wilderness pause and enjoy the scenery, and give your body a break from working so hard in the heat. Use these breaks to rehydrate, cool down, and get some shade from the elements. 


Being outdoors can be safe and fun when you listen to your body and incorporate sun safety such as staying hydrated, gong out early, wearing the right clothing, and taking breaks along the way!



Get the best of outdoor activities this summer and rest your bones and enjoy a cold beer with us!