Road Trippin’ Like The Best! (Part One)

Posted on July 17, 2019 in


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It’s summer so it’s time to pack up the car and see all the beautiful lands as you road trip to new destinations!



The beauty of a road trip is that it leaves you open to new adventures and creating wild memories as you hit the open road. It’s taking time off and just going — sure you may have a few things planned along the way, but it provides the opportunity to stop at all the bizarre and unique places you don’t often see every day. 


When you’re road trippin’ this summer, make Silver City Mountain Resort your destination! Located on the west coast of California, it’s nestled between the wisdom of the grand sequoias and clear, star-filled night skies! Follow along for the best road trippin’ tips!


Why Drive?


While flying is convenient, it’s not necessarily an experience. Where else can you travel put the pedal to the metal and cruise to the official center of the world (Felicity, CA), entertain your worst nightmares at the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, or cruise America’s version of Stonehenge — Carhenge in Alliance, Ne. This list of roadside attractions goes on and on, and it’s a unique way to see the country while finding the best food and accommodations along the way! 


But, how does an epic road trip begin? It begins with friends, perhaps some adult libations, an actual physical, paper map, and planning. 


Have a plan, but not like a type-A plan!intext 1- road trippin.jpg


Type Aers aren’t really about road trips, are they?! When you begin dreaming up your next road trip it’s important to have a little direction, but maybe not enough to feel 100% confident! Sounds weird, right? The hidden gems of your road trip will lie in the uncertainty. So, maybe you’ve booked Silver City Mountain Resort a week out — you have a destination but so many fun adventures before you actually get there! 


It may be as simple as figuring out where you want to sleep that night, and taking to the road in eight-hour increments! Watch as your trip begins to unfold — there will be challenges but gut-busting sagas you can retell the rest of your lives! 


Leave the research to following signs from the road!


We all have this innate pull to research and plan out our trips — whether it’s FOMO (fear of missing out) or shear anxiety, we want to be in control. A road trip is a good exercise in relinquishing control and going with the whim of adventure. If there is one attraction you really want to see — the Corn Palace, maybe? — make a point to stop, but leave everything else to the wild road!  

Beyond that, be surprised by what you may find! There is nothing like following a slew of road signs to the Jolly Green Giant or the largest ball of twine!


Road trips are really the time for a little chaos and wild fun, so when you release your inner type A and follow the signs, you’re on your way to a memory-filled road trip!



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