How To Survive The Social Media Insanity (Part Two)

Posted on March 27, 2019 in

How to Survive Social Media Insanity Part Two.jpg

In part one, we began the conversation on a digital detox, namely in the social media space. In today’s post, we’re going to go deeper and look at tangible things we can do for a fresh reset!

Escape today to Silver City Mountain Resort for your next getaway (digital detox) and reset your body and mind.

Without further ado, more about ditching the social media insanity!

What You Can Do to Embark on a Digital Detox...

Go old school.

Remember the days when you made a list of things you needed to get before your vacation and a disposable camera was one of them? Well, hopefully you can!

While we’re not saying you need a disposable camera (though they are fun and bring a certain nostalgia over how your pictures will turn out) packing a digital camera instead of using your phone will help quell the urge to get on and post to social media. And oftentimes, these cameras take a much higher quality of photo.

Stay busy!

The best kind of digital detox is an accidental one, afterall, when you’re busy adventuring, who wants to be glued to their device?

How Silver City Mountain Resort Can Aid in Your Digital Detox

Silver City Mountain Resort is a serene oasis tucked away near Sequoia National Park where you can both unwind in nature and find a thrilling outdoor adventure.

Sequoia National Park - When was the last time you were in awe or you felt goosebumps emerge from a breathtaking view? If you’re looking for magic, you’ll surely find it amongst the giants of Sequoia National Park. Understand wonder as you gaze upon General Sherman (a famous trees) and are a part of one of the largest living ecosystems.

Kings Canyon - Peer into a canyon over a mile and a half deep and watch the ebb and flow of different groves of trees burrowed in America’s deepest canyon. You’ll feel so small and insignificant, but in the most beautiful, enlightening way.


When you’ve explored the breathtaking wilderness surrounding Silver City, you can greet it as your home base. Go deeper into your digital detox with things found right around you.

intext 3.jpgJournal - Pick up a pen and paper and get writing! Don’t know what to write about? Before you leave, look up and print out some writing prompts. The one thing about journaling is, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

Do sunrise or sunset yoga on one of our sprawling decks - Move your body and cherish your time whether it’s early in the morning or in the evening. Give you mind and body a chance to declutter and process things without the nagging of technology.

Read - One of the best ways to escape or to really connect with yourself is through reading. Ask for a couple of recommendations and hit the books in your free time at Silver City.

Take a bath - Water therapy is real. Indulge yourself and slip into a luxurious bath.

Get curious about downtime - Take a moment to just do nothing! Sit out and watch nature or get lost in a bonfire.


Eat delicious food and drink local beers and wine - One of the highlights at Silver City Mountain Resort is the food and beverages we have at our local, on-site restaurant. Eat decadently but still feel good about the food choices you’re making!

A digital detox is good for the mind and the soul and it’s much more doable than you think (especially when it’s at Silver City Mountain Resort).


To book your stay and unplug, connect with us today.