How To Survive The Social Media Insanity (Part One)

Posted on March 27, 2019 in

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Because green drinks are nice but a digital cleanse is better!

You know your tipping point — you’re aimlessly scrolling through Instagram accounts peering into the lives of people you may not even know and winding up watching IG TV of people dipping ice cream cones...dipped ice cream cones?!

If you’re one tweet away from WWIII with a fellow user, an inbox brimming with dozens of unread emails, or a Facebook account that you really can’t bear to see one more political post — a digital detox or a social media cleanse may be exactly what your heart and mind beckon.

Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect adult summer camp where you can run wild, be free amongst the towering Sequoias, and unplug and detach from technology. Find motivation in today’s musing as we look deeper into a digital detox!

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Leave Us Drained and Uninspired: The Social Media Blues

Social media is the one great love in the age of technology — it allows us to connect with people in faraway places in ways we’ve never had access to in the past — yet in the same breath, it can leave us totally depleted.

It’s not so much that you have to break up with social media, but it’s important to take a break — reset, reconnect, and rejuvenate in this time.

Social Media FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

You can get FOMO hard, so let’s consider the reality of an actual digital detox.

  • You may encounter withdrawal symptoms — this is totally normal. Lean in and get curious about them.
  • You may miss out on some social interaction (because we all like to talk about what we saw on IG)    
  • You may feel out-of-the-loop — it’s ok, you’ll survive missing out on seeing some travel photos.
  • Set small, tangible goals such as 24-hours without social media and maybe steer clear of hefty goals such as one month!
  • Start dreaming of activities you can do with your freed up time.

Know that we’ve covered the actuality of a social media purge, let’s focus on a vacation sans technology.

intext 2.jpgSilver City Mountain Resort: Making Technology Irrelevant!

We’re kidding — somewhat. The truth of the matter is, Silver City Mountain Resort is a great place to embark on a digital detox — it’s a space where you can relax and unwind and truly feel at peace without checking and rechecking who posted what every half an hour!

Below are practical ways to recover your social media sanity!

Once you’re nestled into Silver City, desert your phone.

Whether you’re just putting it on airplane mode to avoid hopping right back in to social media or physically stashing your phone in a deep, dark pocket of your suitcase, decant yourself and allow your heart and mind to rest easy.

Hand over your work and appoint a person of contact.

Your work is important, but there is a time for both hustle and rest! Before you leave for the mountains of California, connect with a person you trust and have them act as your point of contact while you’re out — don’t worry, everyone will survive!

Allowing yourself time, space, and freedom for a digital detox is never easy, which is why we’re breaking this post into two digestible pieces — stay tuned for part two!


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