Autumn And All Things Weddings

Posted on August 14, 2019 in

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Tie the knot at Silver City Mountain Resort for the perfect fall wedding!

Love knows no season, but when we think of weddings, it’s the summer where just about every weekend is booked with I dos. And while summer has the weather, fall has the magic. It’s right on the precipice of change which makes it the perfect season to exchange vows. 


At Silver City Mountain Resort, fall weddings conjure the best of everything — colors that ignite, crisp air of change, and love that elevates. Join us today as we take a peek into fall weddings and why having one amongst the sequoias may be in your future. 



Why A Fall Wedding?

Everyone has their jam on what the perfect season to get married is but fall is right around the corner, and the leave alchemy in upon us — this is transformation as much as it’s magic, and everyone wants a little magic!



It gives people an excuse to take time off!

Artboard 2.jpgDoes summer wedding season really give you a time to relax? It’s weekend after weekend of weddings which are fun, but you still have to drag your partially hung over self to the office on Monday! 


When you have a fall wedding, especially at Silver City Mountain Resort, it gives everyone the opportunity to really relax and celebrate. You can move at your own pace, and out here, it’s the pace of Mother Nature! So, slow down, turn your phone off, and enjoy a clear night sky!



The Temperature

Summer weddings are known for their god-awful temperatures where everything is melting — the people, the frosting on the wedding cake, and patience! Entice your guests with cool, crisp weather where the sun is still shining but they can still bust a move on the dance floor without having to swim out of a pool of their own sweat!



The Built-In Decorations

If you time it just right, you get a sea of yellows, oranges, and reds that light up the scene as the perfect backdrop to pictures and as decorations to your fall Silver City wedding. Not only will you save money, but you can also embrace a minimalist modern wedding vibe that you really have to work for in the other seasons. 



Fall Embraces Comfort

Pretty much everyone loves fall — it’s not hot like the summer and not cold like the winter — fall is just right. You get to dabble with an apple cider bar and people get to bring out their boots! This is the season where you can get away with wearing a Pendleton poncho with your wedding dress, or invite guests to roast marshmallows and enjoy a beer amongst a bonfire. 



Silver City Mountain Resort Is Secret Paradise!

A fall wedding here is a wedding like no other — there are 15 cabins to house your guests, a restaurant with local and organic options with a unique menu that blends both health, comfort, and decadence, and a wedding destination to completely relax under the timber in. 


This is your fall wedding destination!



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