The Only Checklist You’ll Need For Travel Essentials

Posted on January 16, 2019 in

Make what you pack a pure pleasure and an experience as you unzip your suitcase!



What you pack now, may make or break your next adventure! There are probably two types of packers that exist — the ones who pack little things here and there a week before their departure, and those who pack five minutes before their plane leaves! And while there’s really no wrong way to pack, there are items you’ll want to have with you.


At Silver City Resort, not only is Silver City near Sequoia National Park which makes for some amazing outdoor adventures, but it’s secluded and the only traffic you’ll hear are the trees whispering in the wind and the cicadas making their nightly call. Take refuge in Silver City Mountain Resort to relax and unwind and take a couple moments to venture into the only checklist you’ll need for your next adventure!



Travel Essentials and Travel Scenarios



Each new adventure that we take will require a different set of travel essentials read all about them below.



The Eat, Pray, Love or SoloTravel Experience



Solo travel is no longer a taboo subject, both single and partnered people indulge in its simplicity and beckon to its call. If you’re post break-up and pulling an Eat, Pray, Love excursion or you simply just want the freedom of solo travel, here are some travel essentials.


Sleep mask - Because you’ll likely be sleeping in odd places at odd times, a sleep mask can really be helpful when you need to get even 15 minutes of shut-eye.


Earplugs - Now we would argue that earplugs top the list on any travel checklist because life is noisy! Rarely are you secluded and all alone in the quiet, so earplugs can help you get a good night’s sleep or help relax you when things get hectic.


Sheet masks - Self-care is still important when you’re cruising Rome, right?! Pack along a couple of sheet masks to indulge in-between plane rides, bus tours, or the back of a pick-up truck in Costa Rica!



Romantic Travel



Whether you’re on a journey to Paris or Bali when you’re with your partner that’s the ultimate travel essential! Pack a couple these things for the perfect adventure!


A little luxury - If you’re in Paris or Bali make things fancy and luxurious by pack a fun silk kimono or an ultra plush robe for you both. It doesn’t have to be big and bulky, it could even be a silk head scarf or hat that makes travel a little more indulgent.


Spa accessories - From bubble bath, bath bombs, and essential oils, plack along some spa accessories that are relaxing and make for a fun night in an expensive hotel or ocean bungalow where the waves lull you to sleep.


The ultimate music playlist - Sometimes it’s fun to just kick back and cruise to music. Create a playlist of songs you both enjoy and those that have great memories tied to them. And, it never hurts to have a playlist ready for you both to bust a move!


Travel is exciting and new whether solo or as a romantic getaway. When it comes to the ultimate travel essentials, it’s always those things that will bring joy and that are also functional that are the best to have along.  



Come relax with us at our mountain resort in California and dip into the forest of Sequoias today!