How To Get Through a Family Vacation (And Still Like Your Family Afterwards)! (Part Two)

Posted on February 13, 2019 in

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Family’s can be crazy but at the end of the day, there is always love. Learn to enjoy your next family vacation with the whole crew!



In part one, we set out and covered a couple of key details in surviving a family vacation as an adult! In today’s post, we’ll further this exploration so everyone can get through it feeling sane and relaxed!


At Silver City Mountain Resort, we’re here for family vacations — families with young kids or those where everyone is grown up! Follow along and take in a few more tips that will make your next family adventure one to remember — in the most exciting and fun way!



Follow These Tips For an Amazing Adult Family Vacation



Vacation Intext 2.jpgMake sure there is enough space.


Location is really everything when it comes to vacationing with your family and it’s crucial that you have a home base that accommodates everyone comfortably. This may mean booking a large vacation home or a property that has a number of different cabins that each person can stay in.


Because there are a myriad of personalities, some extroverted and some introverted, it’s crucial to entertain that — some people will need a break and a place to get into a good book, while others will love to hit up the bar and talk to other guests.  


Divide and conquer.


If you’re vacationing with a large group of people, break tasks up and split them between the different people — this comes in handy with meals. If you’re staying at a place that has a kitchen available, let everyone know what their day is for dinner and leave them to it!


This can also be great for daily activities — let each family pick a different day and plan it out — everyone gets to play tour guide for a day.


Rent your own vehicle.


If you ended up flying the vacation destination, do yourself a huge favor and rent your own car. Some like to be thrifty and share with other family members, but we promise you, it’s worth every extra penny.


When you have your own vehicle you can come and go as you please, and there is immense freedom in this. So if you have a moment and want to check out a local museum, you can slip away! Of course, people can join you, but it’s your vehicle so they’re on your timeframe!


Allow for space.


You want this to be a time where everyone can reconnect, catch up, and do life together if only for a split moment, but if your vacation is more than just a weekend getaway, let everyone have a little space to breathe (and relax).


Vacation is supposed to be a time to quell stress and just chill out, so give everyone a little space. Whether that means sleeping in late or scheduling a day where they can plan something just for themselves, do that.


Flexibility is key in vacationing as adults with your family. You’ll have ample time to be with everyone, just allow for people to ebb and flow at their own pace.


Reconnect and spend time with those you love, but set some strong boundaries and employ some of the tips above for a relaxing family vacation!



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