How To Get Through a Family Vacation (And Still Like Your Family Afterwards)! (Part One)

Posted on February 13, 2019 in

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Because traveling with your family as an adult creates new and interesting family dynamics!



You remember the good ol’ days — piling into the minivan or plane-hopping and heading out for an adventure with your family — memories were made and you and your siblings survived each other.


Now, ask your parents what it was like!


As adults, we’re all grown up — we fly the coup — siblings get married and people move across the country leaving family members separated and strewn in different pockets and in far-off cities. At Silver City Mountain Resort, we bring families back together — if only for a weekend getaway — the closest thing to a grown-up family vacation. Stay connected and find refuge in our guide in planning a family vacation, as adults (and how to stay sane)!



Planning a Family Vacation...As an Adult!



Vacation Intext 1.jpgAs much as you may love the distance between your overbearing parents and your siblings that you just don’t quite get, you’re a family, and you love them (even in their insanity). There comes a time when you all miss each other like crazy and want to get together and plan a family vacation where you all can meet up.


Enter the family adults.


This time together can be more fun as adults because you can sip expertly crafted adult beverages and reminisce about the past, or just drink to get through the vacation! Whichever way you prefer, below are the best tips to plan a family vacation and hopefully still get along with your family afterward.


Create travel plans separately.


This is a gem in planning a family vacation. Some families love to meet in one place and then take set out together, but this is where things can get all out frustrating. Everyone has a different way of doing things right? And amplify this by six or 10 (maybe more) and things can get crazy. If you’ve seen the McAlister household in Home Alone the day of their departure, you know what we’re talking about!


When you fly solo or with a significant other, you can do things exactly as you like without someone questioning it or people getting upset. It leaves those who do things last minute free to do that, while all the type A’s of the world can arrive early and do whatever they need to do.


The takeaway: Just travel alone — coordinating is hard...and stressful.


Be prepared, but don’t set too many expectations.


It’s great to have a plan of what you would like to do while meeting your family halfway, but expectations can ruin a great trip. If you can, be the person that is there to just “go with the flow” and then follow suit! When there are no expectations on how things need to be or what the itinerary should look like every day, it really creates a sense of wonder and adventure. Better yet, don’t even ask your family what the plan is and just show up!


As everyone gets older, family vacations can be just as meaningful as the days when you would all decide to pack up and go. Connection is everything and when you account for some things before your trip, you can enjoy a family adults.


There’s still more to cover, so stay tuned for part two!



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