Comprehensive Wildlife Safety Tips!

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Stay protected in the wilderness of surrounding Silver City areas!

Silver City Mountain Resort attracts people for weekend getaways, wedding celebrations, special events, and really, any reason to escape busy city life. People come here for the clear night skies and to be blanketed by nature. 

One thing to always remember — wildlife and nature go hand-in hand, after all, it is their home and we are just visitors! It’s important to be the best stewards on their turf, keeping everyone safe and protected!


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Plunge into towering timber when you stay with Silver City Mountain Resort and adventure with the best nearby hikes with spectacular views! You may even encounter wildlife so it’s important to know how to stay safe! Learn how in today’s post!


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Wildlife Safety Tips

Intext 3.jpgPeople love being outdoors and in nature for a variety of reasons, but mainly it’s a great way to be active and reduce stress and anxiety along the way. Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect hub for all of your outdoor adventures. With Sequoia National Park a short drive away and day hikes such as Hockett Meadow Trail and Florence Peak, the wilderness is right within reach! Check out a comprehensive list of hikes for all levels!

If it’s not the towering Sequoia trees that keep you here, it may be the diverse wildlife you might encounter! With over 300 species of wildlife — from birds and badgers to coyotes and bears — there is a good chance you’ll see some, which makes it even more important to keep yourself safe and protected. Below we’ll provide some guidance on what to do should you encounter wildlife!

While birds and beavers are much more common to spot, you may come across other animals such as bears and mountain lions (not all that likely) that it’s important to know how to stay safe. 

Let’s dive more into these wildlife safety tips below.


Icon 9.pngStay Alert!

One of the most important things in the wilderness, especially in Sequoia National Park where bears are known to roam, is to stay present. This means being in nature, and not necessarily listening to headphones. You want to be able to hear your surroundings to help you stay alert to potential close encounters. 

It’s also important to use your eyes and nose to stay alert! It’s the little things in your surroundings that may change that you want to know about.


Icon 10.pngMake noise while hiking!

You’re not on a bear hunt or tracking an animal so to avoid surprising each other, make noise! Making noise by singing, saying hi to the wildlife, talking loudly, or clapping alerts the wildlife that you’re there and avoids surprising an animal with your presence. This way they hear you and can move.


Icon 11.pngAvoid Dawn or Dusk

Dawn and dusk are prime times for bear and mountain lion activity, so it’s best to stay safe by hiking early in the morning after the sun is up and before the sun sets.


Icon 12.pngResearch your hike.

The best way to stay safe is to know the territory you’re in. Get an idea of where you’re heading and what the terrain is. Oftentimes wildlife is more active in areas with a water source, places to hide, and where there is a food source.

Before you head out, talk to a local park ranger and ask them about any recent wildlife activity. Not only do they have great advice but they’re an invaluable resource to what’s going on in the wilderness.


Icon 13.pngLeave No Trace

Leave no trace is the foundational mantra when it comes to being in nature. Not only should you pick up all your trash (especially food trash), buit avoid feeding and leaving food for the animals at all costs.

Now that we have a few basic tips on wildlife safety, let’s get into more animal specific tips.


Icon 14.pngBlack Bears

Black bears are a common sighting in Sequoia National Park. And while black bears aren’t typically aggressive (they’ll climb trees to avoid encounters) and avoid humans, you may spot them.

If you do encounter black bears it’s important to do the following;

  • Never move towards a bear.
  • Stay away from cubs and locate the mother bear immediately (to avoid being in-between her and the cubs).
  • If you see a bear before it sees you, back away slowly.
  • If the bear is approaching you, get big and raise your arms above your head.
  • Make as much noise as possible.

If the bear attacks:

  • Do not play dead
  • Defend yourself with rocks and sticks and strike them in the eyes and nose


Icon 15.pngMountain Lions (Cougars)

Mountain lions are very rarely seen by humans in the wild because they’re very secretive and skittish.

How to stay safe if you encounter a mountain lion:

  • Avoiding the mountain lion if you see it (do not stop and take a pic for social!).
  • Do not stop and then run (running triggers an instinct to attack).
  • Get big! Raise your arms overhead, swing your jacket, or even stand on something to look taller.
  • Do not take your eyes off of them.
  • If the mountain lion moves closer, scream and shout to alert danger.

If the mountain lion attacks:

  • Defend yourself and fight back.
  • Stay on your feet and be aggressive.
  • Use whatever you can find to defend yourself — rocks, sticks, dirt, a backpack, and even your bare hands.


Icon 16.pngRattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes can be found at almost every elevation in Sequoia National Park and surrounding areas, so it’s important to be snake aware. 

You could encounter rattlesnakes off trail or sunning themselves on the trail, so it’s important to know that they’re out there! One of the most beautiful things about rattlesnakes is that they alert you that they’re there by shaking their tail! If you hear that sound and don’t see a snake, pause until the snake passes. 

If you hear or encounter a snake:

  • Stay calm.
  • Pause where you are and let the snake move.
  • Look for another way to pass that gives you and the snake plenty of room.
  • Do not taunt, poke at, or throw rocks to get the snake to move — this agitates snakes and causes them to strike. 

If you get bit:

  • Stay calm - the more frantic you get the more the venom has a chance to absorb.
  • Call for help.
  • Get someone to carry you out.
  • Seek medical attention immediately.


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Wildlife is just a part of the nature experience, and while most don’t seek out humans, there is a potential that you may encounter wildlife at some point. Not only is it integral that you stay alert, make noise while hiking, and avoid going out at dusk or dawn, it’s important to know how to approach different animals.  

Silver City Mountain Resort is an amazing area to escape into nature! Make it your next trip to explore the great outdoors in the day while unwinding and relaxing by a fire at night! 


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