4 Reasons To Plan a Girls Getaway Weekend at Silver City Mountain Resort!

Posted on February 13, 2020 in

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Get your girls together and escape into the sequoias!


As we slink more into adulthood, there are many working parts and pieces to our lives — keeping up with work, balancing our bills, staying healthy, and tending to our personal relationships all play a hefty role. 

And then comes marriage. And kids — in no particular order. The moving pieces become more complex and before you know it, you have seen your best girlfriends in months, and maybe even years. 

Hit the pause button for a weekend and spend it in the sequoias at Silver City Mountain Resort for a girls getaway. Take a minute and read why our luxury cabins and beautiful scenery are the place to rest your bones — if only for a weekend.

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The Enticement of Silver City Mountain Resort

Our slice of the sequoias is magical and the perfect place for a girls weekend — the time to plan is now! 

Why choose Silver City Mountain Resort as the ultimate girls getaway? Let us count the reasons…

Icon 25.pngGlamping

Glamping is glamorous camping and that is just one facet of our secret paradise you can enjoy. You’re out amongst the wise sequoias, communing with Mother Nature, but you have all the creature comforts to make your stay in Silver City incredible.

Our luxury accommodations melded with the clear, calm, and glittering night sky is a place to wind down, relax, and connect with your favorite people. 

Indulge in some of our luxury cabins including:

  • Paradise Ridge - If a deep, soaking tub and wood-fired stove beckons you, you’ll love this luxury cabin with a view!
  • Sawtooth -  Enjoy a clawfoot tub and large living and dining space where you can chat and catch up over many glasses of good wine and even better conversation!
  • Creekside - Gather in this whimsical cabin complete with an outdoor fire pit, grill, and deck that offers some of the most spectacular views. 

Icon 26.pngLocal, Organic Food

These days, the variety and preferences in all your girlfriends’ eating habits can be, well, quite varied. You have paleo, gluten-free, keto, vegan, etc., making it hard to find a resort where you can all eat happily. At Silver City Mountain Resort we are known for our world-class local and organic food — with a menu that everyone can find something that tickles their palette. 

With offerings from Mavericks Coffee, Harris Ranch Beef, and Flora Bella Farm, each bite is a mix of comfort and class! 

Icon 27.pngRelaxation in the Redwoods

Coming to Silver City Mountain Resort allows for some really good relaxation with the girls you love. It’s deep self-care — spending intentional time reconnecting and sharing life with, if only for a couple days.

Here, you’re away from distractions — there are no kids relentless in trying to drive you mad, piling emails, or even sounds of the city. You’re in a remote area where the cicadas and crickets are what might lull you into slumber and it’s a place to finally unplug. 

Relax with a glass of California wine huddled around a bonfire — reminisce, dream, create!

Sometimes relaxation is communing with nature, some good ol’ fashioned forest bathing! The rhythm of nature draws you in and grounds, not to mention you’re surrounded by the wisdom of the woods and century old sequoias! 

Enjoy outdoor adventures when you stay for a girls weekend at Silver City Mountain Resort. Check out a few of our adventure posts below.

Icon 28.pngStillness

The hustle and bustle is real, and there's nothing like being in the redwoods that reminds you of this. Being here can make it extremely apparent that you’re go, go, going — often times it takes people a day to unwind and finally relax because they’re still on their hustle. 

Silver City Mountain Resort surrounded with your gals is a safe place — a place to just be. It’s taking in the new morning cloaked in blanket on the porch drinking coffee, reading a book in the calm of a sunny afternoon, or walking the property and catching up with your friend. 

Here, no one is asking you to be anything but yourself. You’re not playing a role, performing. 

Glissade into relaxation.

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Book a Girl’s Weekend This Season!

A girl’s weekend is exactly what you all need and Silver City Mountain Resort is the place for it! Here you can experience the best glamping in California, exquisite food, relaxation, and stillness. 

It’s time to finally make time for those you’ve lost touch with because, life. It gets crazy and hectic, and becomes a whirlwind we don’t realize we’re caught up in until time catches us. 

So, call your girls today and get something in the books!

For more information on our luxury cabins or resort, connect with us today!