The Unexpected And Adventurous Spirit Of A Destination Wedding

Posted on December 15, 2020 in

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Silver City Mountain Resort will help keep your wanderlust in check with our stunning wedding venue!


2020 — the year of well, fill in the blank! It’s been tough and it’s been uncertain, but it’s been a year for making the best of things and leaning on our creativity and resilience. And while we’re still in the thick of it, we can still celebrate love! Weddings can still happen, though they may look a little different. 

Silver City Mountain Resort is ready to make your summer destination wedding happen! Now is the time to get all your ducks in a row and book with us! Dive into all the unexpected and adventurous ways a destination wedding here is where you’ll want to be!

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The 2020 Twist Of Destination Weddings


This year has put a damper on international travel, so while a European destination wedding is out of the question, there are so many exciting places in the US to get married, including Silver City Mountain Resort. We understand that many have had their wanderlust stoked with thoughts of kissing under the Eiffel Tower or exploring the Irish coastline, if you plan a destination wedding with us, we have a unique and creative alternative. 

Kiss under General Sherman and explore Cliff Creek that feeds into some glorious lakes including Spring Lake and Columbine Lake. 

A Silver City destination wedding puts a twist on what’s possible and creates fun and uncommon ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. 


Nature.jpgEpic Mountain Views And Lush Landscapes

You can almost feel the wilderness breathing after a long winter when it comes to the summers in Silver City. The spring begins to unfold and reveal all the greenery, while the summer captures the bright colors and the fullness of all the lush landscapes. 

If you and your partner have a love for the great outdoors, Silver City Mountain Resort can help you make lasting destination wedding memories! Edging Sequoia National Park and with views of Paradise Peak and Hengst Peak, this is our take on a destination wedding. Sure, there are no sandy beaches or umbrella drinks, but here, you get the heartbeat of Mother Nature. 

Consider a small wedding on our property or even tie the knot on a sunset hike with your closest friends and family and then do the reception back at Silver City Mountain Resort! 


Restaurant.jpgSupporting A Local Economy

Weddings are big business and this doesn’t always sit right with some folks. If you’ve spent 2020 learning about and fighting injustice, you know how vital it is to support local businesses. And whether you’re coming in from Sacramento or flying from the east coast, you’re supporting the local economy of Silver City. From our famous restaurant that serves wine from local vineyards to locally-sourced meat and produce, we’re as local as it gets! Feel good about where your money is being spent — we’re not a chain hotel, our staff works relentlessly to provide the best experiences to our guests. 


Peace and quiet.jpgBe Untraditional

The spirit of a destination is adventurous, and spending it with Silver City Mountain Resort is unexpected and untraditional. Here, you have the opportunity to create an unforgettable wedding chock full of mini-adventures. Explore the towering sequoias or try out a mountain biking or fly fishing excursion.  


Certainty.jpgBe Memorable

While large weddings aren’t bad at all, it can be more difficult to cultivate memories just because of the sheer size. With a small destination wedding, memories are at the forefront. You can personalize all the small details for your guests and create a wedding that truly reflects what you and your partner embody. 

Memories are easily created and will be remembered, whether it’s the divine food or the dance party that had everyone moving! 


Different Environment.jpgDo The Unexpected

If there is anything Silver City Mountain Resort is, it serves as a home base. This way you can explore all the magic that is brimming within the area, but always have a place to come back to. This is what your destination wedding could be. 

Stay in our luxury cabins, but venture out for your wedding. Consider tying the knot à la waterfront or atop Moro Rock or below in the Crystal Cave. Create an unexpected and one-of-a-kind wedding. 

Incorporate your love of the great outdoors into your wedding — the ideas are limitless! From the traditional ceremonies with a proper aisle and all to gathering in a circle in the middle of a meadow where your friends and loved ones surround you — create a wedding that you feel good about! 



The Celebrations Begin With Silver City Mountain Resort


If you’re ready to get creative and do a destination off the beaten path, Silver City Mountain Resort is right by your side. Connect with us to learn more about our 2021 openings and how you can make your dream wedding a reality!