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This is the time to spread joy!

With COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, and with social distancing and quarantine practices being set into place, it’s impacted so much of what we once knew and recognized as normal — every day is different and uncertainty is at the forefront.

What does this mean for the wedding season at Silver City Mountain Resort, or perhaps, the wedding that you’ve been planning?

The folks here at Silver City Mountain Resort are resilient — we’re tucked away in the mountains of California where Mother Nature teaches us much about the rhythms of life. We’re ready to reopen for the 2020 season on June 5th! Take a moment with us today and gather some ways to move forward with your wedding.

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The Wedding Will Go On

The most vital thing at this time is to stay safe — get an idea of real-time information from official government sources such as the CDC. It’s easy to get carried away with doom and gloom media, so sticking to the facts can help you stay sane. 

Perhaps you’ll have to postpone your wedding or reshape it from what it was going to look like, but at the end of the day, your wedding still can happen and Silver City Mountain Resort would love to be a part of the ceremony. 

Consider the pivots of the 2020 wedding season below. 

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Center on Solutions

If your wedding venue has been impacted, know that there are always solutions and silver linings to be found. It can be easy to float uncontrolled with the information overload we’re all experiencing, so it’s crucial to stay grounded and in communication with your wedding venue. 

There is a lot of stress and confusion, so continue to monitor your situation with them. There are only so many things you can control, so investigate your options. 

Can you postpone your wedding to another date? What are your other options? Many venues want to be accommodating and understand what an important day this is, so if you’re willing to keep an open mind, they are the best resource to find a solution. 

Because many others are having to rework their vacations and family getaways, many dates are opening up as a result, which may be perfect for your situation! 

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Communicate With Wedding Guests

With so many things in limbo, it’s important to stay in touch on a weekly basis with your wedding guests. Because many people have booked flights, it’s important to be diligent about communicating with your loved ones and let them know what’s going consistently and about any possible changes or things that will affect them — transparency is key.

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Address Any “Change The Date”

A trend that we’re seeing amongst COVID-19, is, instead of the traditional “Save the Date,” couples are following up with “Change the Date” as they address their postponed wedding dates. 

If all invitations have been sent out, a more cost-effective and rapid way to communicate a date change with guests is through an e-vite for a wedding website. 

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6.jpgReconsider Traditions

While you can still have the dress, the flowers, and the one you love, the pandemic may force you to get creative and forge new wedding traditions. 

Perhaps you’re able to postpone your wedding for a later date, but as a result, some of your guests are unable to attend. This may be really tough, but why not consider live streaming your wedding?! We’re all basically pros at Zoom by now, so create a fun alternative for guests. 

What about a sequel wedding? Why not have two weddings — a wedding that is more intimate and doesn’t necessarily break the group gatherings mandate and then a party later in the summer when things get back to normal?! This truly is the best of both worlds. 

How else can you reimagine wedding traditions post-pandemic? There are so many creative ways to do things, and wedding venues are ready to help!

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Navigating Costs

The truth of the matter is, you may lose money when it comes to navigating your wedding around the pandemic. While at this time many vendors are being extremely gracious and flexible, you may not always get a 100% refund. The important part is to speak directly with the companies involved — airlines, your wedding venue, etc — and negotiate with them. 

You may also have to spend additional money as you figure this whole thing out, so that’s always something to consider. 

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Take Your Wedding Day-By-Day    

The roses and thorns of the 2020 wedding season are that things are changing so quickly, so we really don’t know what’s going to unfold. Do what you can today to better plan for your wedding, because really, that’s all you can do. 

It takes a community to plan a wedding, so know that you are surrounded by people and professionals that want to see this day to fruition and that you’re supported. 

Stay safe — here’s to your wedding! 

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