Is Flying First Class Worth The Extra Cash?

Posted on May 13, 2019 in

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In a perfect world where money overfloweth first-class travel would be a no-brainer, but is it worth paying the extra money?



First-class airfare is notoriously expensive often costing thousands of dollars more than its counterparts, but a little comfort and luxury is curious and appealing to those typically roll first-class! While some could scoff and blow off first-class travel citing where the additional money could be spent, we all should try first-class travel at least once (hint: you may never go back).


The sequoias of Silver City Mountain Resort reign over your relaxation and self-care when you come and indulge here with us. Whether you’re here for a short weekend getaway or a romantic vacation, we can accommodate it all. In today’s post we’ll lament over first-class travel, so oblige yourself in decadence!



Why Fly First-Class?



Flying, in general, adds a large expense to your travel to begin with, and flying first-class will set you back even more. While some are able to fly first-class everywhere, others may have to pick and choose where they invest this luxury.


Flying first-class on a two-hour flight may not be worth it, but a flight over four hours or international, now this may be something to seriously consider.



The perks of first-class trump that of economy.



intext 11.jpgWhen you travel first-class, you have access to many perks beyond just your seat on the airplane. When you arrive at the airport or have a layover, there are first-class airport lounges where you can nap, shower, grab a drink and bite to eat, or even get a mani-pedi!


Once aboard your aircraft, the perks continue to brim! Not only do you receive specialized client care from the first-class flight attendants, but you also get amazing meals, free drinks, and luxury items such as eye masks, gift bags, and pajamas!


The space you’ll have in first-class is also a huge benefit — the seats come with extra padding and are often four to six times larger than economy. You also get a larger TV, a seat that lies flat for sleeping,sliding panels for privacy, and more.



What First-Class Provides



A majority of us don't travel first-class on a regular basis and most of us can find more things to spend our money on — you know, a mortgage, car payment, and utilities! But if and when you can fly first-class, it may provide you sanity and a chance to reclaim your time and energy.

Perhaps you and some friends are flying across the country to meet up for a relaxing vacation on the West Coast — you may be leaving a life of chaos. Work may be getting the best of you and you’re grinding well over a 40-hour work week, your family may be driving you crazy, or perhaps you’ve experienced loss. Life can hand you a lot, and sometimes a little self-care and the ability to tune out and relish in luxury for hours may be worth the extra money.


So, really, what flying first-class comes down to is, is it worth it to you? We’re all on a journey as our stories are unfolding, and first-class may be exactly what sets you in motion!



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