Difficult Roads Always Lead to Beautiful Destinations.

Imagine spending a few days at a mountain retreat where food is fresh and local; where fellow guests come from all over the world and where wildlife surrounds you when you wake up in the morning or go for that evening stroll into California’s only historical alpine settlement – the Mineral King Valley. It all takes place in a small rustic resort that is almost a century old and with a history that pre-dates the founding of the state of California.

Located on a windy road in the most remote section of Sequoia National Park, 90 minutes away from the crowds and the camping trailers found elsewhere in the Park, Silver City Resort has captivated a loyal group of guests over the years that have now sometimes become third generation. The resort is not however isolated between mountains and inaccessible creeks. What makes us unique is also the fact that four small cabin communities can be found nearby, well over a hundred years old, inhabited in the summertime by descendants of the original pioneers who spent their summers under the Redwoods and the Cedars of this unique alpine settlement.

In this age of always being connected and available, Silver City Resort is probably one of the few vacation spots left in California where, if you want to turn off and shut down, you can. While we have no cell connection, we do have WIFI via satellite for our guests as they lounge near the store and enjoy the resort’s homemade pie. However, we are off grid and we generate our own electricity for just 10 hours a day. After 10pm the propane lanterns in the chalets and cabins take over, and the only sounds you will hear will be marshmallows roasting and guests quietly chatting away under the stark illumination of a million stars.

Your Zen moment has arrived.