The Ultimate Guide To Sequoia Country (Part One)

Posted on June 13, 2019 in

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Silver City Mountain Resort is a paradise tucked amongst the sequoia timber that boasts plenty of fun for your next vacation!


Imagine experiencing California on the unbeaten path. There is no Disneyland or the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are no crowds or traffic, and the smog is replaced with beautiful, clear nights perfect for stargazing.


At Silver City Mountain Resort, you can ditch the stress and anxiety of a typical California vacation and replace it with things that fill your cup — real things that add purpose and don’t just add to the cog. If you’re ready to get away and participate in nature, today’s post will speak to you!


Experience The Uncommon: Things To Do Around Silver City


intext 1- sequoia.jpgIn the hustle culture, we’re expected to play nicely and work, work, work. But, is this really filling your cup? Or are you just going through the motions and hopping from one thing to another. What we’ve learned is, busyness does not equal productivity, yet we glorify the busy.   


So, let’s slow down.

Let’s enjoy the quiet.


Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect place to cut all the noise that distracts us and takes us from our heart’s calling, and nourishes and renews through delicious local and organic food, fresh air, and some of the best experiences you’ll find in California. Beyond staying at a resort tucked in the timber, what’s around? Let’s dive right in below.


The Land Of Giants: Sequoia National Park


If the awe factor, the goosebumps you get, and the breath that escapes you when you see and feel something purely magical has been missing, rekindle it in Sequoia National Park. Experience one of the most diverse landscapes complete with a towering fourteener, Mt. Whitney, 315 different species of wildlife, and 800 miles of trails — Sequoia National Park is the place you could get lost in, or at least explore week after week.


Not sure where to start? There is a lot to do, but if your home base is Silver City Mountain Resort, we recommend the following:


Moro Rock


Whether you’re a geology buff or not, Moro Rock is a large granite dome with spectacular views all around. Enjoy it from the ground below if heights aren’t your cup of tea, or take a 350 step stairway to the top.




If living amongst nature is enticing, take a few days and explore the backcountry of Sequoia National Park. This is truly off the unbeaten path where you’ll likely be in solitude most of the time, with the occasional wildlife sighting.


There are over 130 peaks in the Sierra Nevada range, with technical climbing being the mecca to climbers. Popular routes include Obelisk, Angel Winds, Grand Sentinel, and Charlotte Dome.


It’s vital to take pause and to slow — not defining your worth by your productivity level is how you rebel against the hustle culture. And, you know what? Nature is your biggest ally!


Not only can you unwind and revitalize in Sequoia National Park, but many other surrounding places near Silver City and part two of this series will explore them!


Our summer reservations are filling up fast, so be sure to book your next California adventure here today!